- Victor Hunt, Assoc Professor - Research
Victor Hunt
Assoc Professor - Research
CEAS - Elec Eng & Computer Science 0030
Engineering Research Cntr 717
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The focus of my research has been in the core area of Systems/Controls, with an emphasis on damage identification, system identification and parameter estimation, condition assessment, health monitoring, remote monitoring/sensing, and related information and other technologies.   My history of multi-disciplinary projects demonstrates my ability and interest in the development and application of practical ideas and techniques to important and timely problems that cross several fields of expertise and draw from many sciences.   I have developed hardware, software, and algorithms for signal processing, data interpretation, insitu control, and automated reporting. I have worked on extensive application of these techniques, specifically in the areas of civil infrastructure systems, materials science, and aerospace.
Structural testing and monitoring, with extensive background with highway bridges.  Environmental monitoring and alerting, with specific application to icing and snow accumulation (and shedding) on highway features. Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) flights and applications for the DOT, with particular results in photogrammetic models, surveying, structural and facility inspection, video monitoring and processing of traffic parameters, event documentation and social networking and planning,  etc.

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