Nan Niu
Asst Professor
CEAS - Computing Sciences & Informatics 0030
Rhodes Hall 832
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Ph.D.Computer Science,University of Toronto,Toronto, ON, Canada,2009
M.Sc.Computing Science,University of Alberta,Edmonton, AB, Canada,2004
B.Eng.Computer Science and Engineering,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing, China,1999

Research and Practice Interests

Software Engineering, Information Seeking, and Human-Centered Computing.

Professional Summary

My current research interests focus on the information seeking strategies that developers use in software engineering. I take an ecological-evolutionary, foraging-theoretic approach to understanding and improving developers&39; search for relevant information in their daily activities, such as debugging, refactoring, and reuse. My research group investigates how the task environment and the information environment re-shape developers&39; behaviors, or more accurately, how the developers&39; behaviors and their environments co-evolve, each shaping the other in important ways. My CAREER project (see links software developers&39; rational behaviors together with their social information foraging, learning, and co-creation.

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