Je-Hyeong Bahk
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed)
CEAS - Mechanical Eng 0072
Rhodes Hall 490
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Ph.DElectrical Engineering,University of California Santa Barbara,CA, USA,2010
M.S.Electrical Engineering,Seoul National University,South Korea,2000
B.S.Electrical Engineering,Seoul National University,South Korea,1998

Research and Practice Interests

•  Human body-heat energy harvesting
•  Thermoelectric materials, devices, and systems
•  Wearable/flexible electronics, medical sensors
•  Additive manufacturing of functional materials and nanoscale devices 
•  Nano-scale electron/thermal transport physics 
•  Nano- and micro-scale device fabrication and characterization

Professional Summary

Dr. Je-Hyeong Bahk is currently assistant professor jointly at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems and the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, OH, USA, Dr. Bahk has worked in the field of thermoelectrics for more than 10 years since his Ph.D study at University of California, Santa Barbara. He has participated in numerous research projects on design and fabrication of efficient nanotechnology-based thermoelectric materials and devices, and also developed several online simulation tools at capable of thermoelectric devices and materials simulation for research and education.  

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