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Provost Davenport’s “50 in 5” hiring initiative continues to attract researchers and educators of the highest caliber with several joining the college for the spring semester. Our new faculty will strengthen areas where the college and university have historically been leaders: for instance, research into water purification and treatment and advanced analytics.
    Our close working relationship with the EPA, field research and projects across the globe, and laboratory applications using membrane and nanotechnologies for both filtering and purifying water in combination with advances by our colleagues in the biology, chemistry and medical departments of the university mark UC as a leader in the clean water initiative.
    UC enjoys a similar standard of achievement and excellence in advanced analytics. Our Environmental Applications Service Center (EASC), under the direction of Dr. Pablo Campo-Moreno embodies the college’s leading edge application capabilities. Utilizing advanced analytics in concert with state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert oversight, UC researchers identify emerging threats to the environment, isolate them in our labs and create ways of eliminating or neutralizing the threat.
    CEAS continues to partner with other leaders across campus and the community for innovative solutions in many fields, specifically medicine. Recent research “An Inside Job: UC-Designed Nanoparticles Infiltrate, Kill Cancer Cells From Within” by materials science doctoral student Andrew Dunn shows great promise in providing physicians with a revolutionary tool in fighting cancer from within. Working on this study with Dunn are Donglu Shi, professor of materials science and engineering in CEAS; David Mast, associate professor of physics in McMicken College of Arts and Sciences; and Giovanni Pauletti, associate professor in the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy.
    Look for the college to continue strengthening our capabilities in these vital areas. Expect to see new faculty with interdisciplinary projects that reach across the university and the world.
    As engineers, we meet and overcome challenges every day. While our research gets much of the attention, innovation is just as evident in our courses. I would like to commend our Engineering Education team for their work in not just designing an entirely new engineering curriculum but in delivering it in ways that maximize the student experience. Our freshman class, featuring record enrollment, has done very well this semester, in part due to the many learning communities that provide a wide range of benefits through peer interaction. A record number of freshmen will start their second semester of learning communities in the spring term.
    All of us in the college wish you the very best over the holiday season.

Professor Lin holding new spinal cage implant
New faculty takes engineering into operating room

Professor Chia-Ying Lin, the new Dane A. and Mary Louise Miller Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering, joins UC from the University of Michigan, bringing his interdisciplinary model for biomedical students.

Professor Heikenfeld, right, assists students with their assignments
UC professors “Flip” the lectures

Professors at the University of Cincinnati “flip” their classrooms to better students’ understanding and performance. Flipped curriculum shows an increase in students’ engagement and grasp of conceptually difficult material.

L’Oreal co-op beyond expectation

Four UC students gain unparalleled experience from their co-op placement at L’Oreal and won first place at the L’Oreal Beauty Shakers Competition.

Winning UC co-op team (L-R): Ray Cook, Gina Gianfagna, Stephanie Horvath, and Ryan Thomas
CEAS undergraduate impacted by summer research

A summer of research certainly paid off for Christian Lipa, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, who decided to take a step outside his comfort zone and delve into the world of nanotechnology (the study of tiny particles) in the University of Cincinnati Nanoworld Lab.

Carbon nanotube forest

Dr. Andrew Steckl
Engineering course leads students to create cutting-edge electronics

Professor Andrew Steckl, is turning students into innovators through his course entitled “Paper Factory.” Students are expected to create, in one semester, a working paper-based electronic device with the tiny budget of $50.

Fall Semester “Engineers of the Month”

Engineers of the Month have demonstrated excellence in the classroom, success in their co-op assignments, and leadership through extracurricular activities on campus and/or in the community.

UC Alumni return to rebuild Nippert

While many of the graduates of the University of Cincinnati go on to find good jobs, only a few find themselves working back on campus. Steven Swisher, project manager for the Nippert renovation, and his entire Turner Construction staff working on the stadium are all UC alums.

Steven Swisher, BSCM’00

New Cooperative Education opportunities welcomed.

Cooperative education (co-op) is a primary reason students come to UC and one of the most memorable experiences for our alumni. With CEAS growth, the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL) is continually seeking co-op opportunities, particularly in aerospace and biomedical engineering. If you have an opportunity for a UC student or are interested in starting a co-op program, please contact ProPEL at 513-556-4632,, or visit our website

How much difference can one person make?

Gifts from the estate of Francis H. Baldwin, designated “for the use and benefit of the University of Cincinnati,” inspired the construction of Baldwin Hall in1911 — the original home to the College of Engineering.
    Since then, private gifts to the College from members of the BALDWIN SOCIETY have helped support educational excellence for generations of engineering and technology students.
    Please consider joining this group of loyal supporters of the College by making your year-end gift of $1,000 or more to the Baldwin Society Endowment Fund or another fund of your choice. You can help make a difference for today’s CEAS students.
For information, contact Susan Berman in the Office of Development at (513) 556-6271 or

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